Eosol Group boosts its growth in software and satellite development


The Mutilva-based engineering company has created three new subsidiaries. The first two will focus on virtual consulting for the agricultural sector and the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to detect anomalies in production processes. The third will be dedicated to the design, manufacture and maintenance of small satellites.

Grupo Eosol continues with its consolidation and growth policy after the acquisition of the Navarre-based drone company Helix North last September. In this sense, its latest moves have led to the creation of three new subsidiaries: Daila Systems, Osiris Technologies and Navarra de Satélites.

The first of these aims to accompany the farmer by facilitating not only the visualization and interpretation of the most important data from their fields, but also decision making through predictive models. To this end, it will manage the quantity, location and dates of fertilizer application. As for Osiris Technologies, it will aim to complement some of the solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and data analytics that Eosol has already developed. In this way, it hopes to implement a type of technology that will help the user to extract and obtain production forecasts and predictive maintenance in detecting failures or anomalies early.

Finally, the development of satellites weighing less than one thousand kilograms will be the main line of action and business of its subsidiary Navarra de Satélites.

Source: Navarra Capital