Cárnicas Iruña plans to expand space and employment in Navarra


The food company has formalised the reservation of two plots of land adjacent to its facilities, totalling 13,000 square metres of new industrial land. Thanks to this measure, its managers also plan to increase its current workforce by hiring 50 more people. They also plan to double their turnover and export volume.

The production centre that Cárnicas Iruña has in the Navarrese town of Lumbier will soon be joined by two adjoining plots which, together, make up 13,000 square metres of new industrial land. With this measure, the company’s managers hope to have enough space for future expansions. They also aim to increase their current workforce, made up of around 100 people, by a further 50 workers.

In this sense, one of the objectives contemplated in the business plan currently being implemented is to increase production to 30 million kilos of pork by 2024. A figure that represents just double what it produced at its previous factory in Orkoien.
They also hope to reach a turnover of 80 million euros in the same year and double their export volume from the current 6 million euros to 15 million euros.

Cárnicas Iruña’s main line of work is the processing of pork meat for the local, national and international (especially French) fresh market. It also works on the production of frozen meat, which is mainly destined for the Asian market.


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