Amaia Rodríguez, CEO of The Gravity Wave, Spain’s ‘changemaker’ according to Forbes


The CEO and co-founder of The Gravity Wave, is among the twenty-three professionals selected by Forbes Spain “for her ability to transform reality and lead civil society, with her vision and work, towards a more promising future”.

Navarra-based Amaia Rodríguez, CEO and co-founder of the firm The Gravity Wave, has been included by Forbes Spain in its list of the top twenty-three national ‘changemakers’. The company she leads collects plastic through traditional fishermen to transform it into valuable products, involving companies in circular economy projects.

The Gravity Wave employs eight people, three years after starting the project. Its strategy is based on three pillars: financing by companies that delegate to The Gravity Wave the collection of plastic from the sea, awareness-raising through workshops, talks or volunteering, and the production of recycled plastic objects, contributing to the circular economy.

Currently, they collaborate with 3,000 fishermen involved, in 12% of Mediterranean ports. The stability of the last few months will allow them to grow in other markets, as the company’s ambition is to be present in 50% of the fishing ports in Spain.