Veridas seeks to attract IT talent to Navarra with its proposal “Digital Bricklayers – Software Builders”.


The technology company specialising in digital identity and biometrics is launching the second edition of the “Digital Bricklayers – Software Builders” training programme together with the Navarre Employment Service (SNE). After the success achieved with the previous programme, the initiative aims, once again, to respond to the need of the technology sector in Navarre to provide itself with qualified profiles in order to strengthen its positioning and level of competitiveness.

“Albañiles Digitales” is accredited at national level and represents an opportunity for the group of professionals who are going to do it. Thus, over a period of six months, twelve trainers from the Veridas team will teach a total of 605 theoretical and practical hours divided into ten modules. This bootcamp, based on the “Learning by doing” methodology, will encourage the individual work of a student around a project to be developed following the indications of the team that tutors and supervises their training.

To gain access to the programme, candidates have passed a demanding selection process that began in June and ended last August, which included various English level tests and psycho-technical tests.

“The whirlwind of technological advances to which we are subjected encourages the constant search for the best talent, and this type of initiative will undoubtedly help more talented people to join an industry with a promising future,” said Muskilda Pascualena, director of Talent and Culture at Veridas.

Source: Diario de Navarra