Navarra incorporates Microsoft into its digital transition process


The President of the Autonomous Community of Navarra, María Chivite, signs a memorandum of intent with the President of Microsoft Ibérica, Alberto Granados. The purpose of the agreement is to promote “in all possible areas” digital transformation and innovation initiatives aimed at improving “business competitiveness and fostering digital talent to strengthen the private sector and the generation of job opportunities” in the region.

María Chivite stressed, in this regard, that Navarre has a privileged position in the field of innovation, as “it is one of the one hundred most innovative European regions”. “Our industrial GDP reaches 30%, we are located in a strategic territorial enclave, we believe in public-private collaboration as a lever for progress, and our technological ecosystem is highly developed thanks to our three universities (UPNA, UNAV and UNED) and entities such as the Polo IRIS or the NAIR Center, whose common denominator is innovation and digital transformation”, she added.

Precisely, the promotion of the IRIS Pole, which seeks to support the digital transformation of Navarre’s business fabric, is one of the projects in which the Government of Navarre and Microsoft will collaborate. This collaboration includes the possible creation of platforms for sharing sectoral data that improve the training of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, better adjusting them to the specific contexts in which they are used.

With regard to the promotion and generation of digital talent, it is proposed to carry out diagnoses and implement training for specialised profiles in technology. Social inclusion initiatives will also be developed through digital training, aimed at different groups, with the aim of increasing technological vocation among young people.

Furthermore, in the public sector, progress in the automation of processes will enable the efficiency of the regional administration to be improved, also through the use of AI.