Navarra inaugurates its first audiovisual R&D unit that applies AI to animated filmmaking


The Navarrese company Dr. Platypus & Ms. Wombat is the owner of the ‘Professor Octopus AI_LAB’ laboratory, which has already been accredited as an execution agent within its sector by the Navarrese Innovation System (SINAI). Among the opportunities, benefits and advantages offered by this equipment are the elimination of barriers between academic and business innovation in the audiovisual field, the optimisation of infrastructures as well as access to specific programmes and calls for aid for R&D&I entities.

The new AI laboratory, focused on animation, with which the region has been equipped, places special emphasis on animation and fiction film production, video games and new formats for linear television or streaming.

The lab’s multidisciplinary team is a diverse mix of talents that includes professionals from engineering, mathematics, artists from different disciplines and marketing experts, among others. This set of knowledge and skills highlights the cross-disciplinary nature of the lab in the face of the challenges and opportunities posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today’s digital age.

Specifically, this laboratory is the result of intensive work over five years and an investment of more than 2 million euros. In this way, the facility is supported by the participation of more than 40 researchers in several outstanding projects, such as “Emotional films’. This initiative, which won an award at the Ekaitza Science Science Congress, promoted by the Government of Navarre, is just one example of the impact and excellence that this laboratory seeks to achieve in the field of AI applied to the creative industries, a sector that forms part of the Sustainable Strategy for Smart Specialisation (S4) of Navarre.

The Regional Minister for University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Patricia Fanlo, said during the launch of this laboratory that “it confirms Navarre’s support for innovation”. For his part, the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Universities, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, expressed his wish that, with this advance, “Navarre will become a land of innovation applied to all areas”.