Menditech, new spin-off of the Public University of Navarra (UPNA)

Fiber optical

The new company, which specialises in the development of fibre optic sensor systems, is promoted by Daniel Leandro,  Manuel López-Amo, Mikel Bravo and Juan José González. It also has the backing of Caja Rural de Navarra Rural de Navarra to promote its business idea. And, among its latest projects, it is in the final phase of developing a high-performance, low-cost system for monitoring system for the asphalt structures.

Menditech is an entity that arose from the research activity carried out at the UPNA. Precisely, the high level of knowledge that its promoter team brings together in technology and investment in commercial devices enables them to offer structural health monitoring services through the use of conventional fibre-optic sensors adapted to the needs of the client.

“Our value proposition is made possible by the outstanding characteristics of fibre optics. characteristics of fibre optics”, highlighted the promoter team of the new UPNA spin-off. Thus, among other advantages and opportunities offered by of this type of equipment include its use as a high-sensitivity sensor, its capacity to create large sensitivity sensor, its capacity to create large sensor networks, the low losses that occur during transmission losses, as well as its small size, flexibility and immunity electromagnetic interference.

In addition, it is a product that is chemically inert. With regard to the implementation of this project, the project leaders wanted to the “trust and support” they have received from the UPNA, and “the from the UPNA; and “the training and initial impetus” they received from the European Centre for European Business and Innovation Centre (CEIN). They also expressed their gratitude for “the support for the recruitment of R&D personnel” provided by the Government of Navarre, as well as the and “the call for proof-of-concept projects” from the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Source: UPNA