The Navarre-based monitoring and remote control company Kunak reaches exports to eighteen countries


The Navarre startup has added Israel among the countries to which it exports its products. It has landed in that country through the company Meteo Tech, its official distributor.

The Navarre-based company Kunak Technologies, specialized in the design of products for remote monitoring and remote control, recently reached an agreement with Meteo Tech, a firm specialized in the supply of instrumentation and services related to meteorology and environmental sciences, whereby the latter will be the official distributor of the former in Israel. With this new agreement, the Navarre-based startup now exports to eighteen countries.

Founded in 2013, Kunak emerged from the impulse of two telecommunications engineers with experience in the development of wireless and radio frequency communications for the aerospace and military environment. Although at first they worked developing products for monitoring and control of customized machines on request, they soon standardized the development of their own products in the field of ‘Smart Cities’, machine-to-machine communications, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Proprietary products

In 2018, the firm was the beneficiary of €1.6 M from the Horizon 2020 program in its SME Instrument Phase 2 variant, which placed it as one of the 64 firms selected by the European Commission from among the more than 1,280 that applied for this call.

Thanks to this boost, Kunak was able to implement its K-Smart Environment project, budgeted at 2.2 million euros, which has involved the development of products and solutions to capture high-precision environmental data and connect industrial infrastructures and energy networks anywhere in the world.