Rockwool Peninsular insulation company increases its portfolio with a 4.5M € investment in its Navarre plant

  • The Danish multinational has increased its product references by 11% thanks to an investment made in its factory in Navarra, which the Government of Navarra declared to be of regional interest.

  • The company has been able to add rock wool fiber solutions to its portfolio to manufacture products with improved thermal and mechanical properties.

Rockwool, a Danish multinational company specializing in the manufacture of insulation solutions for buildings, increased its portfolio last year with 11% of new product references manufactured in Spain. The increase has been possible thanks to an investment of more than 4.5 million euros in its factory in Navarra, located in the town of Caparroso. This investment has made it possible to maintain the plant’s competitiveness and to cover with this new range of products the needs required by the market, “such as photovoltaic roofs for buildings”. These milestones were achieved as part of the first phase of the project initiated by the company in 2019, endowed with a budget of 4.5 million euros.

The initiative, declared an investment of regional interest by the Government of Navarra, had among its objectives the implementation of rock wool fiber technologies to manufacture products with better thermal and mechanical properties, as well as investing in a new blowing technology for roofing products. The second package of investments, to be executed in August of this year, “aims to respond to the needs demanded by the building and rehabilitation market”.


A firm commitment to sustainability

In the presentation of these results, plant manager Santiago Osés explained the company’s strategic plans, which include the firm’s sustainability plan “to build a climate-resilient future, with the manufacture of products and systems that help to achieve this. In addition, Osés underlined Rockwool’s commitment to the decarbonization of the building stock, in line with the ambitions of the United Nations and the European Union in this area.

In this regard, the company announced the investments launched this year, including a new solar plant and the ‘Industrial waste heat recovery’ project, within the framework of the Energy Efficiency Program, in collaboration with the Government of Navarra.

About Rockwool

ROCKWOOL Group is an industrial company specialized and leader in the markets of insulation, acoustic ceilings and solutions for horticulture thanks to its own rockwool technology. With more than 11,000 employees and 48 production plants in 39 countries, Rockwool located one of its factories in Navarra, valuing the good logistic connections in the north of Spain and the capacity to cover the national and European market from the region.