Rinacon to build a new biomass plant in Navarra


The Navarre company, specialized in industrial waste management, will develop a project for the construction of facilities to obtain pellets from recovered pallets.


The company Rinacon Gestión plans to expand its delegations with the start-up of a biomass plant in Pamplona. The company has detected a business opportunity in obtaining biomass from shredded wood waste.

The new facilities will focus on the production of pellets through the recovery of pallets. “In the current complicated situation in which we find ourselves from the energy point of view, many companies are transforming their sources of energy generation for their industrial processes, so that they can use other more economical fuels, such as wood chips,” says the company.

The growing importance of biomass, together with the “wide range of action” that the company has in the Pamplona region, has led it to take this step. In this sense, another of the objectives is to “greatly reduce transportation costs” from its current plant in Andosilla.

Founded in 2009, the company specializes in industrial waste management. In 2021, it recovered 4.23 million kilograms of cardboard, 3.18 million kilograms of plastic and 1.98 million kilograms of wood chips. It also processed other waste such as pallets (36,369 kilograms), glass (608,225 kilograms), scrap metal (400,699 kilograms), brick containers (845,240 kilograms), organic materials (831,829 kilograms) and straw (695,280 kilograms).

Biomass in the face of the crisis

Rising fossil fuel prices, global inflation, uncertainty in the natural gas market due to the war in Ukraine, extreme temperatures and the forest fires that have devastated a large part of the country have shaken the energy market.

Against this backdrop, demand for biomass is multiplying in the European Union. In Spain, the number of modern boilers and stoves that use biomass has grown significantly in recent years, to just over half a million units for all types of thermal uses.

Currently, 4.3 million tons of biomass in the form of pellets and wood chips are used in Spain to generate energy in homes and industries, and the country has millions of tons of raw materials of forestry, residual agricultural or agro-industrial by-products that can be recovered.