Nordex will produce the blades for its new wind turbines in Navarra


The multinational has once again chosen its Landaben factory, in the southwest of Pamplona, for the production of the blades of the latest model of wind turbine designed by the company. The manufacture of these new 85.7-meter-long blades will require adapting the production space to gain 20 meters in length.

The Navarre plant of Nordex will manufacture the large blades of the new wind turbine designed by the multinational. Specifically, the factory located in Landaben, southwest of Pamplona, will soon start production of blades of the N175/6.X model of the Delta4000 series. The size of these new blades is 85.7 meters, which will require adapting the production space by increasing the length of the space by twenty meters, and production is scheduled to start at the end of 2024.

Eleven months ago, in November 2021, Nordex Group chose the Lumbier plant in Navarra to manufacture a new 81.5-meter blade model for the N163/6.X wind turbine, which replaced the previous 74.5-meter model.

On September 27 the company’s management in the Navarre town informed the committee of the decision of the parent company, which will lead to the extension of the facilities by 20 meters in length.

22% more energy

“The new wind turbine leverages proven technical concepts from the Delta4000 series such as its control system, a flexible power rating and a large number of nacelle parts from the sister model, the N163/6.X, which has already been field-tested,” Nordex Group detailed on September 15.

The N175/6.X achieves an “above-average” capacity factor with a one-piece rotor blade and its new 85.7-meter-long design. In low to medium wind locations, it will generate “7% to 14% more performance compared to its predecessors,” the N163/5.X and N163/6.

“Thanks to the larger rotor size, this additional performance is achieved especially in times of low winds, as the wind turbine produces up to 22 % more energy than its predecessors. This represents an advantage for operators because electricity prices are usually higher during periods of low winds and the N175/6.X can already guarantee high electricity production,” the company said.

The N175/6.X will initially be offered with hub heights ranging from 112 to 179 meters. And it is designed for a service life of twenty-five years, although “in certain locations this can also be extended to 35 years”. With a rated output of 6.22 MW, the maximum noise emission is 106 dB(A).

“The N175/6.X will be available worldwide, but Nordex Group expects the main demand to be in Europe, especially at the start of series production. With its introduction, we are once again contributing to advancing the energy transition worldwide and making new wind farm sites economically attractive,” the company remarked.