Navarre biotech company 3P Biopharmaceuticals will invest 30 million up to 2025 thanks to the commitment of international investors

  • The Navarre biotechnology company, with a turnover of 35 million euros and 370 employees, is constantly recruiting new personnel.

Biotech company 3P Biopharmaceuticals will invest €30 million by 2025, a figure that is in addition to the €15 million earmarked since 2020. 3P, which is dedicated to the manufacture of proteins for biotechnological (non-chemical) drugs, both for human and animal use, will allocate future investments to the digitization and automation of processes, and quality control and complementary equipment to strengthen manufacturing capacity.

In global terms, the company will invest 45 million from 2020 to 2025. A forecast made possible by the backing of the French investor specializing in health and technology Keensight Capital, a venture capital company that bought the Navarre company in 2019 and controls 90%. The rest is divided between Sodena and the Fuertes Group (between the two of them they hold 6%).

Recent investment has been aimed at expanding the technical and production capacity of facilities and buildings, as well as improving conditions (changing rooms, canteens, meeting and training rooms…).

These expansions have doubled the production capacity with the incorporation of two new manufacturing lines, which join the two that the company already had. One of the new lines is dedicated to the production of proteins by means of microbial processes (mainly bacteria and yeasts), with a capacity of up to 1,000 liters. The second has a capacity of 2,000 liters for culturing mammalian cells.