Navarrabiomed research center team grows 236 % in ten years


In addition, the center has multiplied its scientific output, increasing from seven articles published in 2013 to 181 in 2021.

The Navarrabiomed research center celebrated its tenth anniversary by reviewing its achievements during this decade. Specifically, the entity has grown from a team of 49 people in 2012 to 165 today. In addition, in 2013 Navarrabiomed published seven articles in journals indexed in JCR; five years later, 41; and in 2021, 181.

The director of the center, Maite Mendiorozm recalled that the mission of the research center “is to promote, facilitate and conduct biomedical research to implement and develop therapies that improve the quality of the public health system.” In this sense, she emphasized that the presence of Navarrabiomed for the last ten years on the premises of the University Hospital of Navarra (HUN) “is essential for the knowledge generated between the three agents to be transferred to healthcare practice”.

The center is currently organized into twenty research units and six scientific and technical services for the promotion of scientific research and technological development: Biobank, Clinical Trials, Methodology-Evaluation of health services, Proteomics, Animal Facility and Experimental Operating Room, and the CellMa Advanced Therapies Clean Room.

Through its support units, Navarrabiomed facilitates and promotes research carried out by more than 250 health professionals from other public centers of the Navarra public health system.

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