Navarrabiomed develops its own genomic data infrastructure for health and research purposes


The NAGENdata project is a personalised medicine initiative, financed by the Government of Navarra, with the aim of promoting the health of citizens as well as boosting health research with a gender dimension. During its three years of development, more than 40 professionals with multidisciplinary profiles and linked to seven entities will participate in the project: University Hospital of Navarra, Public University of Navarra, ADItech (coordinator of the Navarra R&D&I System), Nasertic together with the companies Ysium Medical and Data Value Management, as well as the aforementioned Navarrabiomed, which will act as coordinator of the group.

NAGENdata follows the guidelines of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) and the Integrated Strategy for Personalised Medicine of the Government of Navarra, which promote the reuse of genomic data to improve healthcare, research and economic development. Since 2016, Navarrabiomed has executed the NAGEN Programme, funded by GEMA challenge calls, implementing genomic sequencing in the Navarra Health Service. This programme includes six strategic projects that have collected nearly 3,000 genomes and exomes from patients for various purposes, from the diagnosis of rare diseases to reproductive medicine.

These initiatives have established in Navarra the infrastructures and methodologies necessary for the advanced use of genomic medicine, providing clinical evidence of its multiple applications in the health system. As a result, Navarra has established itself as a European benchmark in personalised medicine. Dr. Virginia García Solaesa, principal investigator of NAGENdata, highlights the importance of this data collection, which is now available to the scientific community and the public, guaranteeing privacy and security, to develop and optimise new therapies and drugs.

On the other hand, NAGENdata is part of the call for grants for Strategic R&D Projects in personalised medicine of the Government of Navarra 2023, under the GEMA VII challenge, for which it has received a contribution of 830,813 euros from the Department of Industry and Ecological and Digital Business Transition of the Government of Navarra.