Nafarco’s turnover in 2022 was 104 million euros after increasing its activity by 9%


The pharmaceutical cooperative also increased its market share in the region and its number of members. In the first case, it reached 61.95% of the local market and closed the year with a total of 389 new members, according to the company itself. At the same time, it also progressively reduced the co-operative charge applied to its member pharmacies.

The Nafarco Assembly approved the main activity indicators recorded by the company in the last financial year. According to the co-operative, last year it experienced “an increase in activity of over 9%”, which enabled it to achieve a net turnover of close to 104 million euros.

In addition, there was “a positive evolution” in its market share in Navarre to 61.95 %, and an increase in its number of members, which now stands at 389″. Its managers also valued the “progressive reduction in the average co-operative charge applied to member pharmacies” which they applied in 2022.

“One more year, each of our partner pharmacies obtains a return, equivalent in this financial year to 0.4% of their annual purchase”, they valued from the aforementioned company.

Source: Navarra Capital