Nafarco invests 2.5 million euros in productivity improvements


The medicines distributor, which currently serves 525 of the 600 pharmacies in Navarre, has doubled its turnover in recent years. It has gone from a turnover of 60 million in 2016 to 110 million last year. It now intends to expand its central facilities in Noáin and complete its automation process.

In fact, Nafarco is about to complete an investment project that it has executed in three phases. “The first stage was completed in 2019; the second in 2022; and now we are immersed in the third,” explained its manager, Iñigo Aguirrezábal. “This last one is the finishing touch to a disbursement that, from the beginning and as a whole, will reach six million euros,” he added.

For example, the company has earmarked one million euros to expand the dispatch area to accommodate more routes and deliveries. “We have added 600 square metres and, where before there was space for eight vans, now they can load up to thirteen at a time”, Aguirrezábal assured.

At the same time, an additional line has been added to the structure from which the delivery vans depart, together with new entrance doors to speed up the loading processes of the twenty-six daily routes carried out by this company.

The rest of the money will go towards the purchase of a robot valued at 1.6 million, which will ensure 93% automation of the warehouse that the company owns in the Navarrese town of Noáin. “It is the maximum to which we can aspire since, among our products, there are some references such as, for example, nappies that cannot be automated”, concluded its manager.

Source: Economía Social Navarra