Cinfa awards Fych Technologies startup for its ‘ecopackaging’ for medicines


The award honors a solution based on the recycling of drug blister packs and sachets using delamination technology. Cinfa and Fych Technologies are now working on the launch of a pilot project to drive greater sustainability in pharmaceutical packaging.

Cinfa awarded the ecopackaging project of the startup Fych Technologies, a finalist in a challenge launched through the open innovation platform of Ibercaja’s Más Empresa ecosystem and whose objective was to improve the sustainability of medicine packaging.

The pharmaceutical company proposed a challenge in May to startups willing to participate that sought sustainability improvements in drug packaging. “These advances are a priority for Cinfa that, however, require special care, since the pharmaceutical sector has very strict quality and safety standards and packaging solutions must meet a long series of requirements that ensure that the conservation conditions of drugs are adequate,” the company said.

In this respect, Fych Technologies provided a solution based on the recycling of blister packs and pouches using delamination technology. A mechanical recycling of multilayer packaging, in which the adhesive that glues each of the layers is dissolved, so that the materials are separated and can be recycled as pure materials. “This proposal was positively valued by Cinfa, which, in collaboration with the startup, is considering launching a pilot project along these lines,” added the pharmaceutical company.

As a result of the challenge, Fych Technologies was the beneficiary of the €6,000 prize given by Cinfa, collected by Oksana Horodytska and Andrea Cabanes, heads of the company. “This recognition helps us even more to validate that our value proposition and technology is applicable to all markets. Until now we had focused mostly on packaging for the food and cosmetics industry. Thanks to Cinfa, we will now also be present in the pharmaceutical sector,” they said.

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