VW Navarra moves forward with plans to electrify its Landaben factory


This is what its president, Michael Hobusch, told his counterpart in the region, María Chivite, at the meeting they both held to discuss this specific issue. At the meeting, both parties committed to maintaining a joint work and collaboration space to ensure the future production and employment levels of the Navarra plant.

In addition to these issues, the status of the Euro 7 regulations was also discussed, the implementation of which is key for the Navarrese industry to be able to plan and tackle its transition to electric vehicles.

From there, at the meeting, held at the Palace of Navarre, the Navarrese authorities confirmed that the investments by the German car manufacturer are being made on time and in the right way. In this respect, both Hobusch and Chivite agreed that electrification is a guarantee of production volume and, therefore, of the future for the factory in Navarre.

Against this backdrop, María Chivite confirmed that the investment commitment shown by Volkswagen will be reciprocated. And, therefore, it will receive the necessary public support so that VW Navarra “continues to be a benchmark for the brand in terms of quality, production and employment”.

Source: Noticias de Navarra