Volkswagen Navarra achieves with the Taigo the best launch in the brand’s history


Volkswagen Navarra has achieved with the Taigo the best launch in the history of the Volkswagen brand, having obtained the lowest number of complaints during the 12 weeks following the start of series production of the new SUV Coupe, which took place on September 27, 2021.

In the first 12 weeks after its launch, the new model registered only 4,414 dealer and customer complaints, the lowest figure ever recorded by the company.

This is not the only success recorded by the Navarre factory. In that ranking of best launches, the redesigned Polo, whose start of series production took place in June 2021, ranks second, and the T-Cross, launched in December 2018, fourth.

The Taigo, a high-value car – its minimum selling price stands at €22,600 and verges on €30,000 in the best-equipped versions – is manufactured in Landaben exclusively for all of Europe and has already reached dealer showrooms.