Volkswagen Navarra reaches pre-pandemic production levels


The plant ensures the supply of parts in recent weeks, while the semiconductor market relaxes due to lower global sales of electronic products

Volkswagen Navarra has achieved during the last quarter production levels similar to those prior to the pandemic. Between October and November, 64,630 cars came out of its assembly shop, the highest figure ever for these two months. And very similar to that recorded in 2019.

The availability of semiconductors has increased markedly, largely due to the economic cooling of recent quarters, so that the flow of chips now reaches the automotive components industry with greater flow. 

Fewer cars in stock

This factor has made it possible not only to produce continuously five days a week for
the entire autumn, but also to complete the cars that were waiting in the storage fields. The number of incomplete vehicles has been reduced from about 16,000 to about 9,000 in the last few weeks and the company is confident of continuing to dispose of a stock that translates into delays for customers at dealerships. 
Volkswagen Navarra thus faces the final stretch of the year with optimism. And it will head into 2023 with the forecast of producing slightly more than 295,000 cars, a figure that allows maintaining the levels of employment and activity.


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