Volkswagen Navarra consolidates its position as the brand’s fourth largest factory in the world in terms of production volume


Last year, the German manufacturer’s branch in the Autonomous Community of Navarre produced 273,273 cars. These figures placed it just behind Volkswagen’s plants in Wolfsburg (Germany), Puebla (Mexico) and Bratislava (Slovakia). In addition, it is on average 10 % higher in terms of the number of cars assembled than the other factories that the automotive group has in the rest of the world.

The slight 5 % drop in production last year at the Landaben factory (compared to 288,088 cars in 2022) is due, to a large extent, “to the works to adapt the Volkswagen Navarra facilities”, according to its managers. These improvements are aimed at facilitating the launch of two electric cars (a Volkswagen and a Skoda) in 2026. Other factors that also played a role were the lack of parts due to the shortage of semiconductors and the flooding of a supplier in Slovenia last September.

From there, by model, 118,956 units of the T-Cross; 82,256 Taigo; and 66,755 Polo were produced in Navarra. On the other hand, since the launch of the PA version of the T-Cross last September, a total of 5,306 vehicles of this type have been produced.

Finally, in terms of powertrain, 55 % of the cars were powered by the 1.0-litre 85 kW engine, 35 % by the 1.0 70 kW engine, and 10 % by the 1.5 110 kW engine. In this respect, 57 % of customers opted for the DSG automatic transmission compared to 55.3 % in the previous year.