South Korea’s Mobis builds the first battery assembly plant for Volkswagen in Spain in Navarra


This factory, dedicated to electrification, is a pioneer in Western Europe and will be fully operational in 2026. Moreover, by 2030, its promoters have announced an investment of approximately 120 million euros and intend to have sufficient capacity to generate a total of 360,000 batteries per year from this factory, which will occupy an area similar to 21 football pitches. The President of Navarra, María Chivite, among other regional and local authorities, took part in the laying of the first stone of the facility.

The factory, located in the town of Noáin, near the Navarrese capital, Pamplona, will play a key role in Mobis’ “electrification” and “global order expansion” strategies. In that sense, the company was praised last year for securing a major battery system assembly (BSA) supply contract with Volkswagen, strengthening its external growth and internal stability.

Battery system assembly (BSA) actually refers to the complete assembly that ensures the safe and efficient operation of batteries in electric vehicles. It integrates electronic components and the Battery Management System (BMS) into the battery itself. This ensures efficiency and capacity levels that are vital to the quality and performance of electric vehicles.

Jung In-bo, director of Mobis’ Navarre electrification plant, said: “We are committed to being Volkswagen’s long-term partner through a stable supply of automotive components. We will work to diversify our supply base in Europe, including the supply of the next models for our customer”.

For her part, the president of Navarra, María Chivite, stated that “it is a source of pride that these cells to be assembled here, as well as the entire electric vehicle, carry the ‘Made in Navarra’ seal.