SKF celebrates half a century in Navarra with a turnover of 172 million euros

F: 19/12/2023 

The multinational company located in Tudela and dedicated to the manufacture of bearings for the automotive sector held a commemorative event attended by 200 people. The event was attended by a large number of employees, collaborating entities, suppliers, associations and institutions. Among the latter, the President of Navarre, María Chivite, and other representatives of society and politics in the region were in attendance.

In 1970, the merger of four companies created SKF Española, a company that has always maintained its vocation to serve the automotive market. Thus, in 1973, the first bearing was shipped from its factory in Tudela, the company’s headquarters and the host city for many families who moved from Eibar. Precisely, the arrival of this group of people in the capital of the Ribera del Duero meant an important injection into the local economy, the housing stock, social and cultural life and a framework of collaboration with ETI to help in its development.

In this way, the factory, which currently employs 275 people, has committed to a wide range of innovative actions aimed at boosting its ecological transition. These include a 57% reduction in gas and electricity consumption and an 80% reduction in the water used in its production processes. Thanks to these processes, and to the development of Recondoil, an exclusive method for the management and treatment of industrial oils, it has become a reference plant for its group worldwide.

In addition to this line of work, Jiménez valued the efforts made by the company in other areas. “We have been updating our portfolio to the different types of products that the market has been demanding. We have been implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence in our processes for years when these acronyms were not part of everyday conversations. Industry 4.0, not only in manufacturing processes but in all areas of the factory,” he commented.