Navarra-based Nuadi enters Mexico with a new production facility


The manufacturer of braking components is building a plant in the United States to take advantage of the commercial opportunities of the North American market, whose car fleet exceeds 350 million cars. The project required an investment of 10 million euros and is expected to create 100 jobs over four years.

Nuadi, a manufacturer of automotive braking parts, will open a new plant in Mexico, specifically in the state of Querétaro. The plant is currently under construction. The aim of this project is to take advantage of the commercial opportunities in the North American market, which has an automotive fleet of 350 million cars.

The provision of equipment in that country will requiere an investment of 10 million euros and the intention is that the dies will be designed in Navarra and manufactured in China, to subsequently produce the parts in Mexico.

This market to be addressed from Mexico is one of the objectives of the owner of Nuadi since 2019, Artá Capital. This private equity fund bought the company in 2019 from the former owner, Nucap. The operation included the Navarre plant and the one in China, which depends on the previous one, and allowed Artá to enter the automotive sector.

With the change of ownership, the new proprietor changed the name of the company, which was recently presented at the Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt. The group now includes the Catalan Sadeca, recently acquired by Nuadi. And all this under the dependence of the Navarre plant, from which four or five trucks a day leave to distribute its products made from steel, its main raw material and which now costs 800 euros per ton, compared to 500 in 2019.