Lakota project seeks companies in the region to manufacture electric vehicles made in Navarra


NTDEnergy, which is leading the project, is currently working on the homologation of two prototype cars and plans to produce some 1,200 units next year. Its prototypes are produced by assembling seven components, in the production of which it intends to involve leading companies from the surrounding area.

NTDEnergy, the company behind the Lakota urban electric mobility project, is looking for Navarrese companies to join its initiative, with which it seeks to manufacture modular vehicles. The company’s managers want to form an alliance between companies from Navarre to participate in the project as co-manufacturers of the components and modules of the urban electric vehicles designed by the company.

The company already has two prototypes, the Lakota Buggy and the Lakota Fold, both of modular construction. Both models consist of seven modules and can be assembled in as little as two hours by a pair of operators. The production model differs from the traditional assembly line of automotive manufacturers. NTDEnergy has devised a process whereby its collaborators would manufacture the modules needed for these cars and the firm itself would assemble them.

In addition, this company wants to promote a technology center to consolidate the know-how it has developed with Lakota, which would be added to the company’s headquarters in Tudela.

Production plans

NTDEnergy is currently finalizing the verification of the prototypes and plans to build 1,200 vehicles next year, and to increase the number each year until reaching 6,000 units in 2026, which would imply the creation of between 90 and 100 direct jobs in the first phase.

In addition NTDEnergy appears among the firms of the Comunidad Foral that are part of the PERTE for the electric vehicle of the Future Fast Forward Grouping (F3) led by Volkswagen, approved by the Ministry of Industry.