The owner of Apex Group and Sodena buy Caramelos El Caserío


The purchasing consortium is made up of the company’s current manager, Ramón San Martín; the businessman Santiago Sala, who will act as industrial partner; and the public company dependent on the Government of Navarra, Sodena. Its purpose is to facilitate the organic and inorganic development of the company through a new strategic plan. This includes, among other objectives, the expansion of the company’s sales channels and the marketing of a new range of products based on the latest consumer habits.

Caramelos El Caserío, since 2007 is located in the industrial park of La Nava in Tafalla, and is “recognized and well positioned in the premium candy market” where it offers a “handmade and quality” product. At the same time, it has always had a vocation for growth and diversification that has led it to carry out R&D projects over the last five years with the support of the Government of Navarra, which have placed it at the forefront of its sector. In this sense, this work has allowed it to offer products adapted to current market needs, becoming the first in the market to produce functional candies or, where appropriate, healthier, ecological, with natural and 100% organic ingredients adapted to diets, among others. Along with this innovative effort, El Caserío works through sustainability processes that allow it to wrap its candies with biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, the company impacts on four of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to the areas of “Health and Wellbeing”, “Gender Equality”, “Decent Work” and “Economic Growth, Responsible Production and Consumption”.

At present, the products of El Caserío de Tafalla reach more than a dozen countries located in the four continents, which represents about 11% of its total turnover.

Precisely, its intention from now on is to increase these figures in the next four years to reach 18%.On the other hand, the acquisition by the investor group will allow the company to continue to have a social and economic impact on the region by generating more activity and employment. However, the company will continue to be linked to its traditional values as well as to the excellence in the manufacturing process that have been decisive throughout its history.Precisely those characteristics have been the key factors that have helped them to have their candies chosen by three different generations of consumers throughout their almost 60-year history.

Source: Diario de Navarra