Sanygran to invest 3 million after PONSO’s entry into its capital


The Navarra-based company has incorporated high-humidity extrusion technologies, which has enabled it to initiate its internationalization plan. After the 4 million euros already invested in the last two years, the arrival of the Ponso Family Office, which now holds 20% of the shares, will help the company to triple its industrial capacity.

The company Sanygran, based in Tudela, in southern Navarra, announced this week the entry of the Ponso Family Office in its capital, which will help the company to undertake new investments worth 3 million euros in 2023 in order to “triple its industrial capacity with wet extrusion” and incorporate a new technology next year. This investment comes after the 4 million already invested between 2021 and 2022.

Sanygran stands out as the only company that currently has three in-house technologies for the production of plant-based products and ingredients. This year it has incorporated high-moisture extrusion technologies and the patented Veggian technology, which has enabled it to initiate its internationalization plan.
The company’s strategy is based on its positioning “throughout the vegetable protein value chain”. As reported last Thursday, it has begun “to strengthen its marketing of innovative ingredients and has recently created the Navasan® brand”, under which it markets the products obtained from its protein extraction plant.

The Family Office of the Pont Soriano family, “closely linked to the agri-food sector”, is represented on the Board by Antonio Pont, who currently holds the position of executive chairman of Crisol de Frutos Secos and is a director of several companies within the industry.

Ponso began theor activity more than twenty-five years ago. Throughout his career, they have become a significant shareholder of renowned companies such as Borges International Group and Grupo Apex. Their investment in Sanygran has led them to become a 20% shareholder.