Navarra-based agri-food company Moa Foodtech raises 3 million euros from Dutch fund ICOS Capital


The investment will significantly enhance the company’s existing capabilities, enabling it to expand its operations as well as strengthen its marketing strategies and product expansion. Specifically, it aims to launch a product on the international market that will place MOA at the forefront of sustainable ingredient manufacturing. To this end, the company has received a strategic financial boost in which notable investors linked to this business project, such as Clave Mayor, Sodena and Banco Sabadell, have also participated, thus reinforcing the initial commitment they have made to the company since 2021.

Founded three years ago by Susana Sánchez, José María Elorza and Bosco Emparanza in Pamplona, MOA Foodtech currently has a staff of 15 highly qualified technical people, 11 of whom are women. Its mission is to revolutionise the current food production model which, according to the latest studies, is responsible for approximately 30 % of global greenhouse gas emissions and 80 % of the planet’s deforestation.

Faced with these scenarios, this company applies an innovative approach to fermentation technology to transform agricultural by-products into nutritious and sustainable ingredients while promoting circular solutions within the agri-food industry. Precisely, such proposals, for which it also uses biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), contribute significantly to the prevention and reduction of the processes that drive climate change, ocean acidification and biodiversity loss.

Icos Capital, based in the Netherlands, manages climate technology venture capital funds focused on accelerating sustainability through investments in early-stage growth projects. The firm also works with leading corporations to promote the decarbonisation of industry and the sustainable transition of food systems.