The Navarre startup MOA foodtech, chosen by Nestlé Purina to include alternative proteins in its animal feed


The Unleashed 2022 program, Europe’s first and only pet care program, aims to “drive the growth of participants by supporting the development of innovative new products and services.” This year’s winning cohort includes Navarra-based MOA Foodtech.

Six of the “most interesting” startups in the companion animal sector will partner with Purina after being selected by its innovation accelerator.

MOA Foodtech focuses on introducing alternative proteins into pet diets to create “new sustainable recipes” and advancing the quality of life of animals through new digital solutions.

Using fermentation techniques, MOA is able to generate sustainable alternative proteins for pet foods, while exploring new agri-food by-products as avenues for other products and ingredients. This is a new niche market for foodtech, which until now has focused on products for humans.

“The pet food industry is a crucial part of the food industry as a whole, and we are dedicated to expanding our efforts to make healthy and sustainable food. That’s why Purina is the perfect partner to learn about the pet food industry and see how we can impact sustainability and nutrition,” assessed Bosco Emparanza, its CEO.