IAN Group achieves net sales of 277.30 million euros in 2022

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The Villafranca-based company increased its results by 10.5 % compared to last year (250.59 million). In addition, exports reached 99.8 million euros, which represents an increase of 8.6 % compared to 2021.

The general manager of the IAN Food Group, specialising in canned vegetables, ready meals and liquid and dehydrated solutions, Alejandro Martínez Campo reported that his company, based in the Navarran town of Villafranca, closed 2022 with net sales of 227.30 million euros. This figure represents an 10.5% increase on the previous year’s result (250.59 million euros). Martínez Campo also pointed out that its exports increased compared to 2021 by 8.6 % to 99.8 million euros.

He also analysed other important aspects of his company. For example, he valued the notoriety achieved by the Carretilla brand. “With 97% recognition, it is the undisputed leader in the national asparagus market where it has a market share of 11%, five times more than the second manufacturer’s brand”, he emphasised.

In the same vein, Alejandro Martínez Campo pointed to the first Sustainability and CSR plan 2022-2026 as the other major ‘milestone’ achieved by the IAN Group in 2022.