Congelados de Navarra is considering new lines of activity for its Fustiñana factory


The Navarrese vegetable and frozen product company is planning to reinforce its corn, pea and broccoli production processes to reach 10,000, 15,000 and 8,000 kilogrammes per hour, respectively. To this end, it will build three new production centres of 3,128, 886 and 1,604 square metres, which will join the current facilities it already has in Fustiñana.

Currently, the Congelados de Navarra factory, built in 2008, houses the company’s headquarters as well as the group’s main production and logistics centre. Specifically, this plant recorded a total production of 88,503 tonnes of vegetables and cereals in 2022. Of this, 19,441 corresponded to broccoli, closely followed by beans (17,507) and cauliflower (12,734).

The rest of the production was divided between peas (11,284); carrots (8,971), potatoes (6,339), peppers (4,676), rice (3,858), pumpkin (2,071) and finally tomato (1,802).

Thanks to the new planned expansion, the Navarrese company therefore expects its delegation to have a production capacity of up to 144,786 tonnes per year. In this sense, the Fustiñana Town Council has already advanced that it “does not see any incompatibility” between this project and the urban development plan of the aforementioned riverside town.

Source: Navarra Capital