A company from Navarra innovates the first 100% vegetable foie gras on an industrial scale.


The company from Tudela, Foodys, reported that its product will be available in the main national distribution chains from next September. Specifically, it will market 150 gram glass jars of which it will produce 8,000 units a day. The aim is twofold. On the one hand, to offer the market a “high quality” product and, at the same time, “to respond to the challenges of the future of food based on innovation and sustainability”.

Foodys continues with the development of plant-based products and launches its version of 100% vegetable foie gras on the market: an alternative to animal foie gras that has an appearance, taste and texture almost identical to its analogue. “We have been inspired by a multitude of organoleptic nuances of Spanish and French products to design our vegetable version of the well-known foie gras, but far superior to anything we knew in the category,” says Gonzalo Agorreta, CEO of Foodys.

According to the company from Tudela, this gourmet product is the first one produced on this industrial scale in Spain, made with its “high-performance R&D” equipment, according to Susana Grocin, director of Foodys Factory: “And we currently have an initial production capacity of 8,000 jars a day”. Thus, Foodys’ vegetable foie gras will be available in the main national distribution chains from September 2023. It will be marketed in a 150 gram premium glass jar.

The company will produce this innovative product in response to the change of model that is forcing the production of foie gras to be banned in several countries. Furthermore, this product is not only aimed at a vegan and vegetarian public, but also at all those who choose other ways of eating. “At Foodys we don’t make food for vegans, we make vegan food for everyone,” says Lucas Irisarri, marketing director of the Tudela-based company.

Source: Vegconomist.es