Forbes Spain includes the CEO of the Navarre-based Cocuus among the 100 most creative professionals in business


The magazine includes the latest achievements of Cocuus System Ibérica, such as the creation of 3D printed cutlets or the new technology center to be inaugurated this month. These milestones have earned the firm’s CEO, Patxi Larumbe, inclusion in the ranking of the 100 most creative professionals in business. The publication selects people who demonstrate “inventiveness, adaptation and experience” to meet the challenges posed by an “increasingly competitive and uncertain” environment.

The CEO of Cocuus System Ibérica, Patxi Larumbe, has been chosen as one of the 100 most creative professionals in the Spanish business in 2022. The list, compiled by Forbes Spain, includes professionals who demonstrate “inventiveness, adaptation and experience to meet the challenges posed by an increasingly competitive and uncertain environment”.

In particular, the magazine highlights the new Cocuus technology center, which will house research on biosynthesis and other biological fields related to food. The building, whose investment amounts to 2 million euros, will cover an area of 4,000 square meters and will be inaugurated this September.

Forbes España also valued the achievements made by the startup, such as “synthetic meat cutlets, printed in 3D, among other foods called to revolutionize the agri-food industry”. In fact, Cocuus has already developed a machine for printing plant-based ‘shrimp’ and plans to focus its developments on machinery for processing more types of seafood.

This new milestone comes after the company closed an investment round for 2.5 million euros, led by the New York fund Big Idea Ventures, the U.S. multinational Cargill Ventures, the technology transfer fund Tech Transfer Agrifood and the accelerator Eatable Adventures.