Applications for this support can be made from 4 March to 15 April on

Navarra, through the public company Sodena (Development Company of Navarra), has opened the application period for the ‘Orizont’ programme, through which it intends to back the market launch of eight innovative agrifood projects.

The initiative aims to recruit and create companies in the regional sector and so the call is open to all ideas still in their earliest stages from anywhere in the world.

Each project will receive backing to the sum of up to €110,000 and six months in the acceleration programme run by CEIN (Navarran European Business Innovation Centre) and the CAT (The Agrifood City of Tudela), in whose company seedbed they will be housed over the period. The projects will also have access to a network of business partners and highly qualified individuals from the sector. Applications for this support can be made from 4 March to 15 April on

The second call for applications for support from the agrifood accelerator Orizont has been presented at the CAT, where the projects will be based. The previous call (2015) received almost 100 applications from 26 different countries.

The Vice-President of Economic Development, Manu Ayerdi, emphasised the fact that the traditional role of the food sector in the region and its leading position in Spain makes Navarra an “outstanding site” for investment in agrifood.

He cited the following opportunities: large production capacity, access to raw materials in the Ebro Valley and 55,000 hectares of top-quality irrigated land at no energy cost and with a high degree of concentration of ownership; the CAT (The Agrifood City of Tudela), a unique initiative in Europe with a million square metres available to the food processing sector and centralised services at a strategic location; qualified professionals and four specialised research centres (the Navarran Institute of Agrifood Technologies and Infrastructures, the National Food Technology and Safety Centre, the University of Navarra’s Department of Food Technology and the Agrobiotechnology Institute).

Referring to the Orizont accelerator, Ayerdi stressed that “it is an opportunity to attract talent to Navarra” and promote local talent in order to revitalise and strengthen Navarra’s agroindustrial sector and increase its productivity and competitiveness”.

The Managing Director of Sodena, Pilar Irigoien, pointed out that Orizont placed “all the ingredients available at the disposal of entrepreneurs in order to make their projects a reality and facilitate their market launch”.

Orizont is endorsed by an advisory board consisting of some of the most important companies and bodies in the country (General Mills, FIAB, IESE, Mahou San Miguel, Viscofan, EbroFoods, Campus Iberus, CNTA, Coca Cola Iberian Partners, the Government of Navarra and Sodena).

Through their experience they support the development and implementation of innovative projects in what is, according to Imanol Vidal, Managing Director of General Mills, a sector “with a great future ahead of it in fields such as food safety and functional foods”.

Orizont also relies on a network of business partners and mentors, who work side by side with the selected projects, offering them advice and all their practical knowledge of the sector: Florette, Kaiku, Vicente Vidal, Martiko, Grupo AN, Goikoa, Tutti Pasta, Planasa, Grupo IAN, INTIA, Consebro, Argal, Congelados de Navarra, Urtasun, Agrozumos, Renolit, Conservas Ría, Urzante, Viscofan and Jaylo, to name but a few. “This support is one of the factors which sets the Orizont accelerator apart from the rest”, Irigoien says.

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