The Functional Print cluster of Navarra obtained an excellent rating for its Innovation Projects presented to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) for assistance to Innovative Business Groupings last October.

Of 400 projects presented only 143 were approved, with Functional Print in 6th place (Manufacture of labels that indicate defrosting), 14th place (Development of Action Lines of the Cluster) and 90th (CP Salesianos_Development of printed electroluminescent devices).

Functional Print was born with the aim of driving an improvement in the technological capacity and competiveness of its companies in the field of functional printing within the graphic arts industry. The cluster works to promote inter-company cooperation, particularly between small- and medium-sized companies, fostering synergies and knowledge transfer among all the participants in the system.

The companies that make up this cluster employ around 1,500 people, with an annual turnover of more than 250 million euros. It currently has 22 members: 18 companies; a training centre (Salesianos Pamplona Vocational Training Centre) and three participating entities (the Graphic Arts Companies Association of Navarra – AEGRAN –, the technology centre CEMITEC and SODENA, the entity that manages cluster policy in Navarra).

Last April, in the Grow your region Forum: “Delivering smart specialisation and economic transformation through Clusters” organised by the European Commission, regional policymakers and stakeholders from more than 400 clusters from all over Europe got together to share their experiences on how smart specialisation strategies and clusters raise the competitiveness of a region and drive its growth. During the event the Functional Printing Cluster of Navarra (Functional Print) was selected among the six best cluster initiatives in Europe.

The graphic arts sector in Navarra has over 150 companies, 3.500 employees and a turnover of around 430 million euros a year. Some of the most important graphic arts companies in Europe are located here.

Source: Diario de Navarra

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