The power of a Kingdom

Navarra was an independent kingdom for almost 1,000 years, and it still maintains some of its ancient laws and rights, notably self-government in taxation and economic affairs.

We are one of the few territories in the world that has reached the 21st century with this status.

Navarra is a synonym for strength and solidity, fortitude and stability, wisdom and experience. Its history, culture and natural environment, together with its people, system of government and current reality make Navarre the ideal place to set companies off on the route to success.

It has all the resources required by any company looking for new locations and markets to expand its business.

It is not just a matter of size, what really matters is the intensity found here:

– It is one of the richest regions in Europe and has a reliable and stable economy.

– It has an extensive industrial fabric.

– It has supported and provided incentives for investment in R&D+I for decades.

– Its people have the highest levels of education and qualifications in Spain.

Feel the force of a Kingdom.

Welcome to Navarra.

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Avda. Carlos III, 36, 1ºdcha.
T. (+34) 848 421942
F. (+34) 848 421943

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